Palmetto Blue Band [palblueb2015-04-16]

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Woodshed Archive Presents Palmetto Blue  Thursday, April 16  8:00pm

South Carolina Bluegrass Band PALMETTO BLUE is a blend of seasoned traditional music veterans mixed with the freshness of youthful band members who have been playing bluegrass music since their childhood.


This award winning band will impress you with their ability to entertain by playing a variety of bluegrass, from old time country and traditionals, lively banjo and fiddle tunes, a capella trio songs, to current favorites.


Their impressive schedule takes them all over South Carolina and into Georgia and NC as well. It’s clear from reading fan comments and press reviews that they possess a quality of style and sound that earns them their popularity and widespread respect. Hearing them live via the Woodshed Archive broadcast will certainly validate the high praise offered by all they touch with their talents.


Woodshed Archive is honored to host this accomplished group of musicians. Tune in and dance along!


A “heads” up from Palmetto Blue fiddler, Ashley Carder:


Just an FYI for any Deadheads that may be out there. Palmetto Blue band member and lead vocalist Chris Boutwell may be sharing a few anecdotes from his California days as a full time musician in the late 1960s and early 1970s when he was a musical acquaintance of Jerry Garcia and would jam with him and open shows for him. Tune in on Thursday!


“I just really like the mix that your band has. It has the right mix of all the good stuff – old fashioned bluegrass standards as well as rarely heard numbers, music veterans mixed with fresh young voices, old time fiddle and banjo tunes, old fashioned gospel songs, and even a bluegrass take on a Beatles song. I really like your sound!”

– Pete LaBerge, Nationally Acclaimed Square Dance Caller and Mountain Dance Instructor, February 2015


Band Members

  • Chris Boutwell – Lead Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar
  • Shellie Davis – Bass, Vocals
  • Steve Willis – Banjo
  • Anna Davis – Guitar, Vocals
  • Ashley Carder – Fiddle

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