Ralph Roddenbery [ralphrod2012-09-07]

Ralph Roddenbery, Richie Jones, LJ and other special guest set from “Summoning of The Muses/Virgo Party 2012 It’s Lora’s Birthday again!!!”  Festival

Patrick’s Thoughts

One of my favoite muses had a birthday and inspired this…. Thanks Laura and to your husband Matt for making this happen and LJ for hosting. Most of all thanks to everyone that kept us dancing all night….

Two artists show up from Atlanta and one from Nashville to a party with a bunch of Columbia based artists and I showed up with a PA . We all shook hands drank a beer or two then…. As it starts you hear a strong rhythm guitar and the drummer begins to lay out the canvas. All through the show people are coming on and off the stage, microphones are being moved around but the music never stops. There is little to no dead air and given how much was going on it was an amazing feeling. I reluctantly cut it into songs but I did not take a second out. Cracks me up that on some songs the full instrumentation is not even going tot he middle of the song. The bass joined in around “I and Scared” it sound thin but we are basically tearing the stage apart tripping over everyone and moving microphones and troubleshooting a bass amp. Also Ralph guitar broke somewhere in there… but the music moved on.

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