Danny Madison Band [dmb2012-10-06]

This session was very special to me personally. The Danny Madison Band was a major influence on me when I was too young to be in the bar listening to them. Many of my approaches and feeling toward music that I still hold today were formed as I split time between The Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, and Danny Madison Band.

Until a few years ago these guys had not played together in 2o years and they only played once. Funny thing is Danny would not play a few of my favorite songs because he had just played them at the last show.

They walked into this session like they walked into the bars, completely unrehearsed. They fell back into a groove as if they had never stopped playing. Take note of the occasional stubbing start as they try to figure out what song they are about to play just by listening to each other. I am convinced now, as I was then, Danny himself may not know what song they are playing as they pick around each pushing his own song until they come together with amazing energy. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.

Set List

Danny Madison Band
@ Woodshed 10/6/12

Danny Madison – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
“Railroad” Ron Rollins – harmony vocals, lead guitar
John Scollon – harmony vocals, bass
*Karri Scollon – harmony vocals (where indicated by *)

{Original songs in bold}

Here’s to Tonight >
Lawyers, Guns, and Money >
Find the Cost of Freedom
Blood Red Wine
Into You
Tell No Lies
It Must’ve Been the Roses*
Scarlet Begonias >
Good Lovin’
Wagon Wheel
All Along the Watchtower


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