Mardi Gras Columbia Woodshed Archive Stages [kdbs2015-02-14]


It is time for the annual Party Animals Mardi Gras Carnival in Columbia and that means a full day of revelry and music awaits! Woodshed Archive is thrilled to be providing sound, recording, and archiving TWO of the band stages at the festival this year, the Front Porch Stage and the Back Porch Stage! Check out this lineup of talented musicians; a mix of solo artists and full bands, local and from around the Southeast, who play an assortment of styles and genres of music that will enrich our archive with an array of tunes sure to satisfy your festival spirit!


Front Porch Stage


12:00 MyBrother MySister
1:00 The Ain’t Sisters
2:00 Rachel Kate
3:00 Stefanie Santana
4:00 Can’t Kids


Back Porch Stage


12:00 Jackaroe
1:00 Devils in Disguise
2:00 Tom Hall & the Plowboys
3:00 Cary Hudson
4:00 Captain Midnight

5:30 T.C. Costello









MyBrother MySister

Cola City Grunge Pop



Dylan – Guitar/vocals
Zoë – Bass/vocals
Jenni – Drums




The Ain’t Sisters

Funk-Infused, Blues-Driven Americana



Arrie Bozeman
Barb Carbon




Rachel Kate

Feisty Soul Folk


Rachel Kate


Rachel Kate is an outstanding songwriter with a voice that stretches easily from folk to blues queen. Inevitably, at least once in her set, I’m wiping a tear away – because goddamn, that woman has rivers of wonder and pain in her voice. Her album, “With Love and Hate”, was chosen by Moonrunners as their top album of 2013… – Patty Templeton – Show Review: MoonRunners 2014




Stefanie Santana




It’s the contradictions that make this Columbia songwriter so enticing: youthful uncertainty juxtaposed against subtle, literary craftsmanship; sprightly baritone ukulele strums matched with delicate fingerpicking and deftly light backing arrangements. Paired with clever and evocative lyrics, her songs will leave you wonderfully flummoxed. – Columbia Free Times






Can’t Kids

Appalachian Cheerleader Metal


Can't Kids


Adam Cullum
Amy Cuthbertson
Henry Thomas
Jessica Oliver







Bluegrass-influenced Americana Roots Rock


Jackaroe Promo 1 (Custom)


Julia Beckham – Vocals/Guitar

Barton Beckham – Keyboard

Chris Lawther – Electric Guitar

Scott Hilton – Drums


JACKAROE is truly homegrown music, from the heart – Original & Interesting, Simple, yet Complicated. – Reverbnation Bio




Devils in Disguise

“COSMIC AMERICANA”……Honky Tonk….Roots….Americana….Alt-Country




David Hane -Guitar, Vocals
Michael Edge – Bass, Vocals
Rev. Marv Ward – Electric Guitar, Vocals
LJ Errante – Acoustic and Electric Mandolins, Vocals
Andrew Hoose – Drums




Tom Hall & the Plowboys



Plowboys-photo-jerryal_P (Small)


Tom Hall – acoustic guitar/vocals
Dave Michelson – electric guitar/vocals
Chris Lawther – banjo
LJ Errante – mandolin
Phil Hurd – fiddle
Bill Stephens – bass
Andrew Hoose – drums
Tom Coolidge – harmonica
Bert Cutts – trumpet




Cary Hudson Band

Mississippi Delta Roots Rock


Cary Hudson (723x480)

“I played a Mardi Gras festival in Columbia, South Carolina, earlier this year – ironic considering that I live in New Orleans,” he says. “There are all of these bands full of young kids with electric guitars. Me and Drink Small [an 80-year-old S.C. blues legend] were pretty much the only two dudes playing solo acoustic sets. So when people tell me that rock is dead, I think of shows like that. Rock isn’t dead, and I’m not abandoning rock. I’m just shifting gears.” – interview with Cary Hudson, on transitioning from his former band, Blue Mountain, to a solo career




Captain Midnight

Waterbed Rock & Roll


Captain Midnight


The Captain Midnight Band creates “Water Bed Rock & Roll” for the mind, booty, and soul. Crunchy Rock Guitar, Soaring Vocal Harmonies, and thick R&B grooves create a sonic landscape for the band’s suggestive, Sci-Fi imagery and improvisational interplay. – Revernation bio


Captain Midnight – vocals, guitars
Lil Rae Rae – vocals, keys
Miss Siren – vocals
and their fabulously freaky friends




T.C. Costello



Tim MC


World music with a punk punch is odd enough, but when it’s played on an accordion, a 1920s marxophone, or Laos’ national folk instrument, the khaen, that takes things to another level. – Elizabeth Pandolfi, Charleston City Paper –  “100 Years Ago” Just released!



And, let’s not omit the Main Stage and its Woodshed Archive affiliations. Our friends at the Jam Room will be running sound, Don Merckle & The Blacksmiths is the Krewe de BooShay featured band, and leaders/members of four of the bands are Woodshed Archive Artists in Residence: Chris Compton and Ken Mixon of The Ruby Brunettes, Chris Lawther of Don Merckle & The Blacksmiths, Danielle Howle, and Fred Berry of The Mustache Brothers. Many thanks to Woodshed Archive Artist in Residence Tom Hall and The Animal Mission for booking the tremendous music lineup this year!


12:00 The Ruby Brunettes
1:00 Don Merckle and the Blacksmiths
2:00 Danielle Howle
3:00 The Piedmont Boys
4:00 The Mustache Brothers


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