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I can hardly believe I am saying this but there are only a few days until our Spring Fundraiser. Tuesday, May 2nd we will be joining the Midlands Gives “ONLINE GIVING DAY” fundraising campaign.


Everyone can be a philanthropist! With a tax-deductible gift of $20 or more, you can help nonprofits in the Midlands achieve their goals through Midlands Gives.  Don’t forget the Arts while supporting Midlands Gives by donating to Woodshed Archive: https://www.midlandsgives.org/woodshedarchive


One reason that we are so excited about Midlands Gives is because your donations can “DOUBLE” for the first $1,000 donated towards our goal of $8,000. Our board has generously funded a Dollar for Dollar Matching Gift. Also, we have the opportunity to win various monetary prizes during campaign day, from select sponsors such as:


· $500 – AFLAC—Inspired Leadership – The first 60 NPOs who had 100% of their Board donate during the week of April 18-25 (I am quite sure we will win this prize – our Board awoke at 12:01 a.m. on April 18th and made their pre-registered donations.) They ROCK!


· $500 – Cyberwoven: Awarded to the small NPO with the largest increase of donors over last year


· $1,000 – BB&T: Awarded to the first 5 NPOs to receive 100 donations


· $2,500 – First Citizens: Awarded to the NPOs receiving the FIRST and LAST donations of the day, beginning 12:00:01 AM Tuesday, May 2


· $5,000 – BCBS of SC: Awarded to the non-profit receiving the donation that puts all Midlands Gives donations over the $2 million mark


Your financial support goes toward funding these great community projects:



 1.  The community public radio station:


Woodshed Archive Public Radio #WAPR  playing music from the archive and live broadcasting focused on Southeastern Artists that write their own music Folk, Rock, Bluegrass, Jazz.  Includes recordings from the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park and the Charleston Symphony Master Works prior to 2012 .  Radio Programming: Live Art Thursday (8 – 10pm) and Happy Hour Tuesday (7 – 8pm) with more programming in development.



2.  The South Eastern Digital Open Media Archive:


Our collector base is growing but currently we are ingesting private collections from:
· Patrick Chapman – Southeast Field Recordings and Shed Recordings (2012 to Present)
· Leonard Gibbs – Archivist for the Charleston Symphony (1970 to 2012)
· Grateful Fred – Recordings from “Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park” (1999 to 2010)
· Jerry Allen – Photos (2012 to Present)
· Mike Van Houten – Videos (2013 to Present)


The digital media open archives projects appeal to a diverse population, as they are based on these collectors who contribute their personal collections to the Open Archive project.  The data is stored on a distributed peer system run by volunteers on their home networks called Woodshed Archive Storage Peers “WASP”.


3. Artist In Residence Program:


Artists in this program are working to create a new sound or write new songs as well as to hold workshops and teach music.  They are advocates for the Woodshed Archive’s mission and use their commercial music, events, and requests for donations to raise money for themselves and the archive.


· LJ Errante (music and mountain sessions)
· Chris Lawther (music)
· Kelley McLachlan (Music and River Sessions)
· Danielle Howle (Music and Swamp Sessions)
· Chris Compton (Music)
· Patrick Chapman (Engineering and Archiving)
· Jerry Allen (Photo and Archiving)
· Warren Crigger (open source technology development and administration)

You can see why we are so excited about this fundraiser and why we need your help. Easy as 1,2,3


1. Set your calendar reminder for Tuesday, May 2nd beginning at 12am.
2. Go to https://www.midlandsgives.org/woodshedarchive and click the Donate Now button.
3. Make your online donation of $20 or more.

Please let us know if you are up for the challenge and we look forward to seeing you at an archiving event soon.




Kelly Gilbert

Woodshed Archive


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