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Live Nugget and Happy Hour Music released under Creative Commons  License on Woodshed HD Music Store is free to download and enjoy for non commercial use.  The HD Commercial Albums for sale in the Woodshed shop and the artist in residence stores are generously donating 50% of each sale to support the artist in residence program,  upgrade and replace broken equipment, and the monthly overhead. We thank each of these generous artist for there support in offering their music to help the archive survive and grow. 

About the Shop

The Woodshed Archive Music Pledge Shop’s purpose is to raise money for the Woodshed Archive’s operating fund to replace broken equipment and upgrade microphones so we can continue to improve our ability to preserve and archive digital media that represents southeastern musicians who write, compose, and perform their own musical material including lyrics and melodies, and to provide access to such music to the general public for its benefit. The artists and record labels that are represented in this store have generously agreed to take only 50 percent of the marked price of each album sale for service rendered to support the Archive. The archive is run completely by volunteers on open source software, so your tips are appreciated to provide a few drinks for the crewe at the next archiving session. Your donation to the Woodshed Archive is tax deductible*

Thank you for your Support!

Patrick Chapman
Woodshed Archive


Terms of Service:

The Woodshed Archive does not take responsibility for album content. We are providing this material as a gift in return for a donation and fairly compensating the music vendor for the value of the gift. The vendor is solely responsible for any licensing or copyright requirements. At a minimum, all works are copyrighted by the artist and to the best of our knowledge they have paid any license fees to any relevant entities. The albums are licensed under the Creative Commons Licenses unless the artist has applied another license specific to the work; the most limited license controls the legal use of the work. By purchasing from this store you are acknowledging and accepting these terms.


**Donation Receipt

The donor received a digital file worth nothing in exchange for the donation.
Woodshed Archive is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS.
IRS Code: Section 501(c)(3)
Tax Identification Number: 47-1907778