The Woodshed and Archiving Our Local Music Scene

Artists are known to “woodshed” when they need to: reflect; rearrange or refocus on their selected  brand of creativity.  This process is part of the thing that allows an artist to get the juices flowing and allow the muses to take over again.  This is part of what the Woodshed is all about and makes this little experiment so special!

As a member of the local music scene in our chosen town of Columbia, SC, I have had many conversations with other local musicians about the wellness of our community.  The conversations always end up on the typical topics that concern musicians ie….bands/venues/instruments/music/the quality of the music being played/  the music scene in general and how we can make it better and bring a sense of community to all these creative-types.  The latter issue of community being a point of major interest for a few of us because we believe that with a strong sense of “community” the security and safetyartists desire to be a vibrant and creative person.  As an artist you have  to allow yourself to……”just be”….and that is only possible with a sense of security and only with that sense can the artist allow the creativity to flow and develop.  Keeping this idea in the forefront as one of our topics of conversation over the years is one of the reasons I find this little “experiment” we are a part of so exciting!

Patrick Chapman has become a part of our community over the last few years and has been privy of a lot of the talks and conversations (as well as the late night jam sessions and musical interludes).  He has always understood the “musician thing” and because of his understanding of the process, he kept looking for ways to help out his new family.  He however, brings a whole new degree of wealth and knowledge to the proverbial party and this added ingredient has allowed us as a group of artists and creatives to take our pursuits of passion to another level and a higher degree of excellence.  What is now available to us is the ability to actually hear ourselves (because of the space and the recordings).  With these tools available we are able to play with a renewed sense of clarity and honesty.  Patrick’s moment of clarity on his way down the road to enlightenment has allowed us to be part of his vision.  This duality of vision between Patrick and the artists has made our musical community a stronger and more vibrant place!

If you haven’t tuned in yet.  Please do!  These recordings are our….TRUTH!   As you listen you will realize (as we have)…..The Truth Doesn’t Lie!

–Jackson Wools–

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