A.I.R Community Outreach Program 2017-2018


Danielle Howle has set her sights very high, with good reason. She has proposed an 8-month project to the Artisan In Residence Committee and we have agreed to join her. The project is ambitious and spans September 2017 to May 2018. Things came together quickly and now TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE to get our communal dream started. This project is much more than 5 community music related and educational events; it is a step towards getting to know another artisan based community and ourselves in the desert of New Mexico. We have faith that you will see the cultural benefit of the project and join the team to sponsor this dream. The first phase is getting Danielle out to New Mexico and back to share with us on September 23. The total budget for the fall phase of the project is $4,500. We want to get the band on the road with a van, gas, insurance, and a per diem, therefore we need to raise at least half of the budget by September 3 and the balance by her return to provide a full sponsorship.  All donations are tax deductible and all financials will be open to the public for review.


Project Details


Danielle has the opportunity to share her music with New Mexico’s music community at an event called Guardians of the High Desert “We are Root!” at the desert wilderness property called  “3 Sided Whole” owned by Shaman Dr. Blue. This music festival is unique because there is a Shaman training course before the public music concert on Thursday, Sept 7. Shamans are coming from all over to train other Shamans. Danielle has humbly assumed the responsibility to be the cultural ambassador for South Carolina.
So, with a bit of urgency, we are implementing a plan to raise funds for Phase 1 of Danielle’s Artisan in Residence project that will share southern culture with a western artisan based community.


We would like our community to cover travel expenses, provide insurance, and per diem to the artist. The community she will be visiting does not have much money and can’t afford to pay her with cash, but will provide a creative place and community while she is there.  We have faith this will be returned to us through education and experience based on this cultural exchange and we look forward to seeing her on September 23 in Richmond Hill to share her story and her music.


As part of the artist in residency programs for Woodshed Archive and Awendaw Green, this gives us both a broader reach. Now we will have global connections to those in New Mexico who are of like mind.


Danielle will be gathering new knowledge and sharing our community knowledge through music and fellowship.  She plans to share what she has learned with our community through two public ambient and two artist in residence retreats between now and April 2018.  The project closes with a member of the “3 Sided Whole” community coming to stay with us for a week of recording and workshops, wrapped up by a public performance.


Supporting this venture will increase our connectivity and personal relationships. What she will learn at 3 Sided Whole will benefit all in our community. Howle says, “I shall return with more knowledge for our people on how to help each of us individually and collectively achieve our goals. Embracing more connectivity for us as humans, and facilitating all of us in our individual work and as a collective is what I will be doing with joy and grace. It is also what I am doing now and I am about to do it even better! It’s time for my heart and soul to upgrade, to better serve what we are all creating.”


Making this musical, spiritual, and business connection between New Mexico and South Carolina is a huge job for a music ambassador and important for all of us. Danielle’s strong faith in spirituality, music, performance, communication, & teaching skills, along with her long proven leadership abilities earned her the recognition to be invited to this event. We feel these qualities make her the perfect delegate for this task.


Danielle is working very hard toward a dream!  To help Danielle see this dream though, we feel that we all should support her in bringing her newly gained knowledge of a different culture and point of view back to our community. We have faith that by learning to respect and understand other cultures’ views on family, community, trust, respect, and gratitude that wonderful things will happen for us all. Thank you Danielle for this project and to all who support this worthy effort!


We believe to help this dream come true we need to step up and provide financial support. Like all Woodshed Archive projects, the financials and budget are publicly available. If you would like to know more about the budget and project detail, we have them for anyone who asks, especially if you have time to contribute to the effort.


Guardians Of The High Desert “We are Root” Shaman training workshop and music festival


Guardians Of The High Desert Village Building Immersion