Woodshed Archive Public Radio #WAPR



We have some exciting changes to our radio streams here at Woodshed Archive. We have consolidated several channels into one simply called Woodshed Archive Radio (wsaradio), which combines live broadcasts, live mixing sessions, and DJ radio shows into one continuous stream for your enjoyment.

We’ve been live broadcasting since 2012, and have a handful of live mixing broadcasts under our belts, as well as plans to soon publish a schedule of our first promoted DJ radio shows.

When a live broadcast or radio show is not playing, wsaradio plays a mix from the archive.

If you are interested in putting together your own radio show at Woodshed Archive, please contact us for more information.

Coming soon, with any luck and a little help from friends, will be syndication of wsaradio over the FM air waves first in Charleston, and if we can pull it off, possibly a local Columbia FM low-watt station using the #WSAR call letters.

You can help us achieve this goal by using our donation widget in the sidebar to donate $1 or any amount you’d like, on a monthly basis!  Tell your friends!

If you are using your own media player such as VLC or others, we provide the following radio playlists you may download:  One for VLC, and another generic playlist that will work with just about any media player:

Alternatively, copy this network stream URL https://radio.woodshedarchive.org/wsaradio into your favorite player.

VLC is our preferred and recommended media application for just about any device/OS combo, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop and laptop personal computers. Of course, you can always use the web players found on this site.