Marshall Brown Live from the Shed [mbrown2016-09-29]

Marshall Brown has been recording music at home since 2010, when he released his first album, New Moons, on All of the music compiled on this site over the last 6 years has been recorded on a digital 8 track recorder. The drums have mostly been tracked by Asheville drummer and close friend, Adam Mcmillan, while the other tracks have all been built with Marshall adding guitars, bass, keys, percussion, vocals, and anything else that was needed. He has developed quite a knack for bouncing tracks down and creating full, lush arrangements with minimal equipment. Many of the recordings exhibit a 60’s psychedelic style made popular by The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Kinks, and many others.


Marshall’s latest record, Second Childhood, features more collaboration, as far as tracking goes. There are a few tracks with strings via Alderman Douglas and Daniel Machado, trombone via Catherine Allgrim, vocals from The Prairie Willows, and even some accordion and tanpura from Adam Corbett. A few of these players are key members of The Rare Birds, the current back up band for Marshall’s live show. This backup band does a swell job of representing and interpreting the recordings in a live setting.


Currently, Marshall is running demos on his home equipment for a new batch of songs. This next record will be recorded in a full functioning studio here in Columbia. This will be a first for the artist and quite possibly could mark the beginning of a new era with a more high fidelity sound quality.


Marshall Brown–vocals, guitar, keyboard

Daniel Machado–vocals, percussion
Catherine Allgrim–vocals, trombone
Sharon Gnanashekar–keyboard
Adam Corbett–acoustic bass
Sean Thomson–guitar, mandolin


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