Kelley Douglas Project Live from the Woodshed [keldoug2015-10-24]

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Let us begin by stating: Kelley McLachlan Douglas has a LOT of friends! This talented multi-instrumental artist has accomplished plenty in her ever expanding musical career. She is constantly establishing and developing new relationships and projects while performing, writing, and recording with a seemingly unending array of adept musicians who are not just hard-working collaborators, but enthusiastic and fun-loving friends of hers as well.


October 24th, Woodshed Archive will be broadcasting a very special Saturday double-session beginning at 6pm with an all-star set featuring Kelley Douglas and a cadre of fellow artists with whom she has performed and recorded in various projects over the years. Expect to hear many of her pals from Prairie Willows, Post-Timey String Band, Pocket Buddha, and more joining her in what will be a high-spirited and likely whiskey-tinged set that Woodshed Archive is thrilled to broadcast and archive. By the end of the set, you’ll realize why Kelley is much loved, admired, and respected by her many friends and fans!


Singer songwriter Kelley Douglas, a member of the Prairie Willows and The Post-Timey String Band combines folk and blues to create an earthy sound. Her new solo venture, a creation of raw vulnerability, aims to connect listeners to a salt of the earth experience.” – Al Black, Mind Gravy, SONGVERSATIONS

“Strange Fruit” – Kelley Douglas | Auntie Bellum from Joshua Rainwater on Vimeo.



Kelley McLachlan Douglas – acoustic & electric guitar, vocals

Perrin Sinner – ukulele, vocals

Kristen Harris – fiddle, standup bass, vocals

Sean Thomson – electric guitar, vocals

Darren Woodlief – acoustic guitar, vocals

Branhan Lowther – acoustic guitar

Steve Nuzum – banjo



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