Tonya Tyner and Brodie Porterfield Live from the Woodshed 2015-05-07]

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Woodshed Archive Presents Tonya Tyner, Brodie Porterfield, & The Dawn Key Shotguns

  Thursday, May 7    8:00pm


The individual and combined talents of singer-songwriters Tonya Tyner and Brodie Porterfield are on tap for this Woodshed Archive session and wow, are all of our listeners in for a wonderful broadcast!


Award-winning songwriting, self-taught acoustic guitar skills, and a bright beautiful voice are traits that elevate Tonya’s contemporary Americana folk songs from super to superb. She will start the session off with a 20-30 minute set of her own work.


Brodie’s masterful guitar picking may be what first catches the listener’s ear, but genuine admiration for his unique rich voice and meaningful song lyrics is sure to follow in short order. A 20-30 minute solo set from Brodie will follow Tonya’s.


After a short break, Tonya and Brodie will join each other to perform a set featuring their collective sound, The Dawn Key Shotguns, a musical fusion of vocal harmonies accompanied by their respective guitar “picking and plucking” skills. Their songs are written from the heart and with a shared perspective that encompass a variety of themes apt to elicit nods, smiles, and perhaps a few tears.


Although Tonya and Brodie met briefly in 2009 while performing at some of the same events, they didn’t begin working together until 2014, after reconnecting at a summer gig and discovering their mutual passion for songwriting. And lucky for us, their individual styles, influenced by their respective South Carolina roots and subsequent travels throughout the country, combine to showcase their complementary musical strengths into a compelling, captivating, and immensely enjoyable listening experience.

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