Kenny George Band Live from the Woodshed 2015-10-08


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On Thursday, October 8th, Woodshed Archive will welcome the Kenny George Band, from Aiken, SC. They’ll be making their first visit to the Woodshed and there’s no doubt that they’ll make quite an impression! They’ve been busy performing and recording this past year and are stoked to have a new live album coming out digitally in November and a new (and first) full length LP coming out sometime in the first quarter of 2016. So, their Woodshed session is sure to be full of energy and palpable excitement as the future is looking bright for this talented and hard working band.


The five members of KGB have been crafting a melodic blend of country, folk, and southern rock since 2007. The attention-grabbing sound is driven by singer/songwriter/guitarist Kenny George’s gritty vocals, the twangy pedal steel of Center Ely, bassist Brooks Andrews, guitarist Scott Rankin & drummer Bucky Brown. The heartfelt songwriting, beautiful musicianship, and southern feel drum up thoughts of Ryan Adams & Whiskeytown while establishing their own warm and welcoming style. Known for that genuine sound, KGB brings passion to the stage and their recordings.



In Columbia’s Free Times, reviewer Michael Spawn describes their sound as “a brand of country music that has gone the way of the dwindling caribou in recent years. The focus here is on sincere, well-crafted songwriting rather than chasing some bulls#!t idea of what it takes to become a macho country badass.” And, of their 2014 EP, Gunshy: “Bereft of such posturing, ‘Gunshy’ is dominated by lovesick laments, but like Merle Haggard said, there ain’t no shame in a mixed-up mess of a heart.”


Molly Swift, of Augusta’s Metro Spirit, says that while the band’s music “is firmly planted in the country genre, the KGB combines elements of contemporary rock and traditional folk in an array of clean, melodic and soulful songs that are timeless and truly Southern. Kenny George’s lyrics shoot from the hip and straight to the heart without pretension, and seemingly without effort. Simply put, the Kenny George Band is the real deal. From twangy pedal steel to loose and wide rhythms, strong and clear vocals and catchy beats, the band delivers a phenomenal package.


Kenny George – Lead Vocalist & Guitar
Scott Rankin – Backing Vocals & Guitar
Brooks Andrews – Bass
Center Ely – Pedal Steel
Bucky Brown – Drums & Backing Vocals

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