Chris Compton & The Ruby Brunettes [ccrb2012-12-13]

Event Flyer

Chris Compton 12/13, is coming in for his traditional season closing session.

Chris Compton and the Ruby Brunettes play a form of music loosely called Baroque folk-pop; an unassuming strain of emotionally unsettling lounge music for lost souls, lone wolves and the disenchanted, with an emphasis on narrative in the lyrics and ornamentation in the melody. The absence of any rhythm section (no bass or drums) allows for a certain ambient quality in the music that makes it at once unique and difficult to define in terms relevant to rock and roll club owners and dance hall party goers. These are songs for the enlightened but with enough hooks in them to reel in the even Damned and the Dumb. Think Burt Bacharach meets Tom Waits meets Ryan Adams.



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