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Thursday, November 5, 2015. Woodshed Archive presents D Debris, a Tom Hall – Dave Michelson – Phil Hurd project! Patrick Chapman describes the session and how it came about:


Tom Hall and the Plowboys have been around for some time.  I love the band and have many wonderful archives.   I also know Tom as an amazingly prolific song writer with great talent outside of the beautiful chaos of the Plowboys.  I challenged Tom for his artist in residence project to bring out some of those songs that he does not play often and following in the theme of the season play in a strip down format.   Dave Michelson drove the arrangement and I am excited that you will be able to hear this Thursday another side of Tom Hall and we can make sure a small number of his more personal works survive into the future as part of our collection.  … Patrick


From Tom Hall & the Plowboys’ Bio:

Embodying the spirit of New Orleans, the carnivalesque and traditional folk music, The Plowboys come across as a roving gang of musical gypsies more than a traditional rock band. Populated with accordion, trumpet, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, drums, acoustic bass and guitars, the Plowboys’ musical pick-up game creates a sonic milieu underneath the dominant and inimitable Tom Hall’s musical lead. These guys will tackle almost any kind of tune, from alt-country standards and traditional folk tunes to Mardi Gras dance music and North Mississippi blues. Throw in Hall’s own inimitable originals, and you’ve got yourself a perfect little Plowboy stew going. – the Free Times, August, 2011.

The State newspaper recently described them as “a band known for tackling the theatrical extreme (Plowboys and Indians: Visions of Black Elk and The Sharecropper’s Daughter) that doesn’t get enough credit for being tremendous players and entertainers. Whether it’s country, folk or rock — all seemingly bayou flavored — this band always makes sure the music is top notch.”


A few years ago, a solo acoustic Tom Hall performed as the opener at a house concert at Bentz & May Kirby’s house. He performed original songs that he’d never performed with the full-band Plowboys and what a pleasure it was to see another aspect of this multi-faceted musician. Tom will be joined by Dave Michelson and Phil Hurd from the Plowboys in this upcoming Woodshed session, and all we can say is to expect the unexpected!
Check out this Tom Hall & the Plowboys video of Phil Hurd (fiddle) singing the Mardi Gras song with Tom Hall and Dave Michelson chiming in on vocals:

D Debris is:


  • Tom Hall
  • Dave Michelson
  • Phil Hurd


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