Michael Montuori Performs Chopin and Bach [mmontuori2021-04-07]

Chopin and Bach performed and recorded by our good friend Michael Montuori 

Michael Montuori


Michael Montuori's Keyboard


A couple thoughts:

I was quite thrown back listening to this, admiring Michael’s talent and the good things that came out of his hard work during quarantine.  He’s been studying and practicing, and you can hear it.  Expect more from Michael, he’s planning on recording more, and we’ll likely expand our collection and add it to this post, and at some point schedule some weekly time on the radio for the collection.  

Update 4/9/2021

Michael has recorded more impressive tracks and sent them over. Wow! The two new ones are Chopin – Prelude in E Minor Opus 28 No. 4, and Bach – Prelude in C. Again, his hard work during quarantine is showing! Thanks Michael for the additional tracks, we look forward to even more!

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