Jahson and the Natty Vibez Live from the Shed [jahvibe2015-10-15]

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This fall season, the Woodshed Archive has been fortunate to host bands performing a wide variety of music, including rock, americana, acoustic guitar, ukulele, jazz, country, blues rock, and on Thursday the 15th, reggae! Join us as we present Jahson & the Natty Vibez, the midlands’ premier roots Reggae ensemble.


Their music and message is a positive force for truths ‘n rights and equal rights ‘n justice! This is traditional old school Reggae with a fresh new school attitude!


Jahson is a US reggae artist based in Columbia, South Carolina. Jahson lives the life of a true Rastaman, conscious and positive. He has been trodding the livity of Rastafari for over twenty years now. For him it is more than the music but a way of life which he lives in the fullest. Jahson was a guitarist and backing vocalist in several reggae groups in the Southeast in the nineties and early millennium.


To date, Jahson has four official releases. 2002’s EP, No Water Wasted, 2007’s LP, Rootsman Rebel, 2011’s Here I Come Again, and 2015’s Reggae Gathering. Through his music Jahson seeks to help enlighten and uplift people’s consciousness, as well as make their bodies move to the reggae groove. His musical mission and vision is to touch as many as possible through his live performances and albums.


Jahson and the Natty Vibez have been booking shows and festivals in the Southeast US and Jamaica since 2010 and they are still holding the vision.They perform mostly Jahson’s original songs and a few reggae versions and covers mixed in to round things out.


Always conscious and never bogus, Jahsons’ focus has always been to bring irie vibes through upbeat music and positive lyrical messages for universal uplifting of consciousness!


Jahson Wildes: guitar & lead vocals

Karla Davis: Vocal Harmony

Iley Whildes: Vocal Harmony

Marks Akles: keys & sax

Tim Gannon: bass & harmony vocals

Strap Lacomas: drums


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