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King Cotton Collage Final (1129x393)


Woodshed Archive is super excited to host an extra special reunion of King Cotton, a popular Columbia-based regional band from the 90s, featuring Chris Compton, Barton Beckham, LJ Errante, Jason Switzer, & Scott Hilton.


King Cotton’s “reign” spanned from 1994-1997, performing in the Columbia area as well as a good bit around North and South Carolina including Green Acres, Ziggy’s, and various festivals. Their songlist was comprised of about 50% originals with all of their covers coming from old time, folk, or blues.


Woodshed Archive founder, Patrick Chapman, recounts how this reunion has been in the works for the last few years, without anyone involved even realizing it!


“When I first moved back to Columbia from Savannah I was amazed by the strong, almost obsessive, original music scene. I met many of the artists through different channels and selected a few of them to become the first artists-in-residence that the Woodshed Archive focused on. It was only after I had been recording the projects these artists were currently involved in, and I had gotten to know each of them better, that I found out they had all been in a band together in their early musical careers and I realized how much that band had influenced them. That band was King Cotton. I am overwhelmed that these artists that have been so involved with the Woodshed Archive project have agreed to play a reunion archive session as King Cotton. They are digging these songs out of their vault and the effort is much appreciated, given how little time they have, being otherwise busy with life and their current musical projects.”


It is not surprising to hear that each King Cotton musician has continued to excel in other bands since their King Cotton days, and as Patrick mentioned, they are all Woodshed Archive alumni multiple times over. Their contributions to the Woodshed have been, and continue to be, instrumental to its continued success. Woodshed Archive couldn’t be more appreciative of King Cotton’s efforts and willingness to bring their combined talents together for this very special session!


King Cotton is:


Chris Compton: rhythm guitar, vocals
Barton Beckham: upright bass
Jim (LJ) Errante: mandolin, vocals
Jason Switzer: lead guitar
Scott Hilton: drums



King Cotton circa mid-90’s (minus Jason Switzer)


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    This is so great… I remember the party those photos are from!

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