Tom Hall & The Plowboys [thpb2013-01-19]

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The Woodshed is excited and honored to host an evening like none other this Saturday night, when the high energy New Orleans-esque sound of Tom Hall & the Plowboys joins forces with special guest “Rev” Jeff Mosier and his banjo for a ride that can only be described as “delicious sonic madness”. The Rev will get the night rolling with a few acoustic favorites and continue to ramp it up, adding musicians along the way, until Tom Hall & the Plowboys take the lead, plowing ahead into uncharted territory with Mosier, adroitly in tow.


Tom Hall & The Plowboys — Embodying the spirit of New Orleans, the carnivalesque and traditional folk music, The Plowboys come across as a roving gang of musical gypsies more than a traditional rock band. Populated with accordion, trumpet, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, drums, acoustic bass and guitars, the Plowboys’ musical pick-up game creates a sonic milieu underneath the dominant and inimitable Tom Hall’s musical lead.

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  1. warren February 2, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

    What a great night! The recording and pictures are awesome, good work Patrick and Jerry. Thanks also to Kim and Patrick for the hospitality and to Tom Hall, Plowboys, and Jeff Mosier for the great show!

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