Jackaroe Live [jar2016-06-23]


Jackaroe, a five-piece stalwart roots-rock band since Woodshed Archive’s beginnings, will perform Thursday June 23rd, 8-10pm, at the Woodshed and, as always, will be broadcast online at https://woodshedarchive.org.

Jackaroe is more than a band, it is a family of friends that keeps the embers of creativity glowing with a sound and energy that is contagious and best felt in their live performances. Jackaroe’s American Roots Rock blends the best of the roots of all music into a sound all of their own.

Aside from jam or rock, with three songwriters in the band you can expect to hear subtle differences in personal taste which adds various hints of bluegrass, jazz, reggae, blues and R&B. Live performances explode with dynamics and can take you on roller coaster of ups and downs if along for the ride.

…Jackaroe’s music has a wide appeal and they have been fortunate to play many local festivals and events in the Columbia area over the past few years: CMC Rhythm on the River, Riverbanks Rhythm and Blooms, Columbia Mardi Gras, Tasty Tomato Festival and the Rosewood Crawfish Festival to name a few. One of Jackaroe’s major influences is Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead and they have been a big part of the local JerryFest since its beginning over 15 years ago.

Jackaroe’s Chris Lawther, is one of the major songwriters in the band whose guitar playing is the foundation of Jackaroe’s sound. Chris is surely a local talent whose skill is matched by few on both guitar and with songwriting. Chris is joined by Julia Beckham on rhythm guitar and vocals. Also one of the primary songwriters, her passionate performance, strong vocals and harmonies are a large part of their sound. They are joined by Barton Beckham, who began as Jackaroe’s bass player, but who has enjoyed a move to keys for the past few years. With both piano and organ, Barton adds a lot – both rhythmically and melodically. Jackaroe is completed Scott Hilton on drums who has an ear for keeping the group tight within the ebb and flow of the jam. Having been friends and musical mates with Barton for over 25 years, and Julia for over 15 these four members have developed a keen sense of one another and nearly finish each other’s musical sentences after years of creating music together. In early 2015 Jackaroe decided to add friend and bass player Justin Marshall to the mix. His fun loving spirit is contagious and the band is enjoying the new direction and layer of sound. After 10 years as a four-piece adding a 5th is exciting. Come hear what it is all about!

“Jackaroe’s Grateful Dead-inspired, wide-ranging Americana leans on familiar tools. Julia Beckham has the kind of lilting, reedy vocal style that helped make Jerry Garcia so beloved, while guitarist Chris Lawther’s meandering guitar solos show a fearless approach to improvisation that is too-often pooh-poohed. Part of the Riverbanks Botanical Garden’s outdoor Rhythm and Blooms series!”
— Kyle Petersen, Free-Times


Julia Beckham: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Chris Lawther: Guitar/Vocals
Barton Beckham: Keys/Organ/Vocals
Scott Hilton: Drums
Justin Marshall: Bass


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