River Baby Bathwater Revival Happy Hour Session [rbbr2016-03-17]

About The Session:

The Happy Hour series is an incubation format.   We have been experimenting on this format for about a year.  Now we are going to give it a try live on the radio.   We thank River Baby Bathwater Revival for coming in and giving it a try!   We want you to participate and provide feedback so we can select the best song take for the Live EP.   Just tweet  your comments with #wsalive and we will see your comments live.   See below for more detail on how the session works.




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How a happy hour session works:


The ensemble of 1 to 3 acoustic artists must deliver a 3 to 5 song list in the order they will record and release by the night before the session.


Arrive at 6, recording/on air from 6:30 to 8. Minimum 3 songs max 5 with up to three takes per song. (Most ensembles get three maybe 4)


The recording is done field style, so there is no close mic or monitor setup. They just come in and play and we all have a good time on air.



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