Muse Fest 2015 [musefest2015-04-03]



patrickch-notes[work in progress]

Their Mackie 1640i was great to work with. We got 16 channel recording and that includes the house microphones. I did not get the board mix :/

I missed the Devlis and only the first 1:10 min of the Matzo show because of board issues. We had a ton of microphone cable related issues ranging from static, to missing channels of certain instruments. I think the kick was not working much at all. I would have noticed that with my board… I think it is the monitoring capability of my 16.4.2 that makes it possible to be a recording engineer and live sound engineer at the same time. It was much harder without all my blinky lights

Credits[work in progress]


  • Joe
  • Patrick
  • LJ
  • Matt

Roadie and Stage Hands

  • Wes
  • Patrick
  • Joe
  • Matt F
  • Cory

Sound Engineers

  • Patrick

Stage Renovations

  • Joe Jay
  • Scott Hilton
  • more….

Food and Beverage

  1. Kim
  2. Kathy
  3. more…

Kids Entertainment

  • Debbie


  • Lin


  • Jake
  • more…

Site Prep

  • LJ
  • Matt
  • Barton
  • more…


  • Jerry,-photo
  • Patrick-mixing
  • more….


  • dwoodlief


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