Pocket Buddha [pb2013-04-18]

Pocket Buddha pb2013-04-18



It is always a great time with Pocket Buddha, and we’re looking forward to another fun session this week.  The regulars, Darren Woodlief (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Jonas Owen (bass, vocals), Ken Mixon (percussion, vocals, guitar, harmonica), and Julia Englund (vocals), will be joined by special guests Jason Switzer (from The Pentodes, guitar), Stephen Stokes (from Dead Pedals, keys), and maybe even an additional special guest.




Archive Content

Collection: PocketBuddha
Band/Artist: Pocket Buddha
Date: April 18, 2013
Venue: The Woodshed
Location: Columbia, SC

Source: sounboard (need mic list) and font of house microphones (need type)
Lineage: Studio One (24/48) > flac (16/44.1 Level 6)
Taped by: Patrick Chapman
Transferred by: Jack Quillen

The Band

Darren Woodlief (guitar, mandolin, vocals)
Jonas Owen (bass, vocals)
Ken Mixon (percussion, vocals, guitar, harmonica)
Julia Englund (vocals)
Jason Switzer (from The Pentodes, guitar)
Stephen Stokes (from Dead Pedals, keys)
Kristen Harris (fiddle)

Set List

01) West Texas
02) Wanderer
03) Looking Down
04) Cavin In
05) Let Me In
06) Still Inside (K)
07) On The Water (K)
08) Ten Days (K)
09) Another Like You (K)
10) Midnight (S)
11) Kitchen (S)
12) Parsons (S)
13) Carbomb (S)
14) Ridin (S)
15) Boxcar (S)
16) Shine (J)
17) 13 Days (S&J)
18) Jam
19) Solace>Ride Me High>Solace (S&J)
20) Love Songs Suck (S&J)
21) Thrill (S&K&J)
22) Long Ride Home (K&J)

Time: 98:31

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