The Pussywillows [tpw2013-05-04]

The Pussywillows [tpw2013-05-04]


Collection Info

Collection: The Pussywillows
Band/Artist: The Pussywillows
Date: May 4, 2013; Venue: The Woodshed Location: Columbia, SC

Source Info

Source: Soundboard
Lineage: Studio One (24/48); flac (16/44.1 Level 4)
Taped by: Patrick Chapman
Transferred by: Jack Quillen;

Artist Info

The Pussywillows are:
Kelly Maclachlan
Kristen Harris
Perrin Skinner

Set List

01) Walkin In My Sleep
02) Can I Sleep In Your Arms
03) Long Gone Lonesome Blues
04) Wild Wind
05) Ain’t No Ash Will Burn/Those Memories
06) There’ll Be No Church Tonight
07) The Woodshed
08) Tell It To Me
09) I’d Wait for You
10) How Many Biscuits
11) The Ship song
12) Whiskey
13) Red Rocking Chair
14) I Am Afraid
15) The Story of How We Met
16) Birds and Ships
17) Nights a-Crawlin’
18) Lead Me HomeTime: 63:19

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  1. Jackson Wools May 9, 2013 at 9:36 am #

    Great session ya’ll!….Thanks for sharing your talents/time with The Pentodes!….We had a blast!

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