Greg Bates [gregba]

John Scollon

John Scollon & Bitteroot [jsbr2012-10-06]

After Danny Madison Band played, we had the pleasure of hearing Danny move to percussion and Ron move to mando to play a special jsbr set with a mix of characters from the woodshed regulars. Listen to the begin of the set when the band is actually introducing themselves to each other at the beginning […]


Stillhouse [sh2012-11-29]

Stillhouse live at the Woodshed! Bio: Stillhouse is Jenn McCallister, Mike Mahoney, Greg Bates, and Chris Jones. They formed in 2004 and have been playing and writing music around town ever since. Their originals land somewhere between The Band, The Who, and Neil Young. Their covers range from The Beatles, Stones, and Dead to Gillian […]


Stillhouse [sh2013-12-07]

Band/Artist: Stillhouse Date: December 7, 2013 Venue: The Woodshed Location: Columbia, SC Link to Full Digital Archive: