Stillhouse [sh2012-06-21]

Stillhouse Live Archive Session [sh2012-06-21]


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This was an interesting night with a band that really embraced the idea of this project. If you listen to the full version you be pleasantly surprised at how many times they say “this is a first time”… There is a magic in those moments and although they may not be in the recording they are in my soul every time I listen to an archive.

I was doing several experiments and all but one was a failure, but let’s focus on the success, the lightly blended front of house speakers (mike fore loner) on the bar really balanced things out for the 20 or so friends and family standing at the bar. Lessons Learned: I have a bad Active DI, wish I had pulled out the earthworks for Greg’s guitar, I really missed that detail when listening back. The earthworks as overheads on the drum was amazing and so worth it to capture those cymbals and skill Chris brought to the house kit (barton beckham loner). Bigest failure: web player did not point to live feed, only those attending and those with media player heard the broadcast. I give up trying to get the volume down low enough to use my good vocal microphones in the live sessions and to save those for more controlled situations. Over 75db the room starts to resonate at an interesting frequency.

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