Danielle Howle and Sean Kelly Live From the Shed [dhb2015-10-24]

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Join the Woodshed Archive on Saturday, October 24th for a special session featuring one of our amazing artists-in-residence: Danielle Howle! Fresh off of a UK tour, she’ll be joined by A Fragile Tomorrow’s Sean Kelly for a set full of infectious sonic energy and the meaningful storytelling through song that only DMFH can deliver! Tune in online from 9:00 – 11:00pm at http://woodshedarchive.org for the live broadcast.

Considered by many to be South Carolina’s best kept musical secret, Danielle Howle is a punk rock girl with the voice of a honky tonk angel. Opening for such diverse acts as Bob Dylan, Ani Difranco, Fugazi, and Indigo Girls, she has garnered worldwide acclaim while somehow remaining under the radar of mainstream America. Now is the time for South Carolina to share it’s secret with the rest of America.

Danielle Howle is a Southern storyteller with a gorgeous sense of melody and a voice that should be pouring out of stereos everywhere… but she is true to the underground rock community that first nurtured her and has not made the leap to televised fame.” If she never gets there , consider yourself lucky to have found her , she is one to treasure.” -NEW YORK TIMES


 I like to think of myself as a photographer that uses melody and words in place of film and camera . I just take pictures of time.” -Danielle Howle







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