Danielle Howle [danielleho]


Danielle Howle + Firework Show [dhb2013-10-24]

Band/Artist: Danielle Howle + Firework Show Date: October 24, 2013 Venue: The Woodshed Location: Columbia, SC Link to Full Digital Archive: http://woodshedarchive.org/event/dhb2013-10-24/


Danielle Howle [dhowle2015-04-08]

Danielle came up to hang out at the Woodshed recently to work on her Artist in Residence Project.  Over the course of one day she composed and recorded three songs.   It is a great series of songs, the first two are filled with dark introspection and the third emerges with a positive view of […]


Danielle Howle and Sean Kelly Live From the Shed [dhb2015-10-24]

[Show picture list] Show Bill   Join the Woodshed Archive on Saturday, October 24th for a special session featuring one of our amazing artists-in-residence: Danielle Howle! Fresh off of a UK tour, she’ll be joined by A Fragile Tomorrow’s Sean Kelly for a set full of infectious sonic energy and the meaningful storytelling through song […]


Danielle Howle and Alexandre Goyette at Muse [dmfh2016-03-26]

  Her smokey bronchus driven vocal sound on this recording has not been heard since 3 packs a day was the norm and it blends perfectly with Alexandre’s keys…..     This recording is pretty special to me for enough reasons that I really should write them down.  Peace…. Patrick