Danielle Howle [dhowle2015-04-08]

Danielle came up to hang out at the Woodshed recently to work on her Artist in Residence Project.  Over the course of one day she composed and recorded three songs.   It is a great series of songs, the first two are filled with dark introspection and the third emerges with a positive view of the world.  It was a very special thing to have been a part of.  Many thanks to Danielle for contributing these “Wet Paint” songs to the collection.


Perhaps my favorite thing about the Woodshed Archive project is that many of the songs recorded are new.   I have referred to them as “baby songs” or “wet paint” songs.   You will hear on many of the recordings especially the early recordings things like “we just wrote this last night”.   This is the true spirit of Woodshedding.

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