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Devils in Disguise [did2012-06-28]

“Cosmic Americana”. A term that refers exclusively to the Americana/Roots Music based band…DEVILS IN DISGUISE. The band has its feet firmly footed in the Roots Music Scene and is still able to expand the scope of its sound to include a soundscape that is constantly expanding and developing. These musical explorations and artistic expressions will […]


Dr Roundhouse Live from the Woodshed [drh2012-06-29]

Dr. Roundhouse started as an acoustic duo, DNR, that rocked the Columbia music scene. They rocked it hard. Frontmen, Jon and Russell, perfected their original compositions in this early carnation of the band. The duo added Nate Poston to the mix, bringing what is sometimes referred to as the heat. The bass guitar addition led […]


Pocket Buddha [pb2012-06-30]

“Wires, Wood & Harmonies” – Pocket Buddha is a blend of acoustic strings, light percussion and vocal harmonies that creatively cover tunes from a variety of genres from Americana, country, folk, rock and even some R&B. We also have a growing repertoire of original songs.

John Scollon

John Scollon Live at The Rusty Anchor [jsbr2012-07-22]

John Scollon Live at The Rusty Anchor [jsbr2012-07-22] I think of this set of shows as the many faces of John Scollon.  His band Bitteroot has really become and extended family and he performs his songs with a style to match the players backing him up.  He started out at 1:00 and played until 9:00 […]