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The Pentodes [tpentodes2012-10-31]

“The Pentodes” as in a thermionic valve containing five elements or the vacuum tube or the audio power tubes used in most old guitar amps. This is a group formed out of the woodshed archive project.   They have met once for a quick acoustic rehearsal, so for their second get together they are going […]


Ben English Trio [bet2012-12-05]

We have decided to slip in a special instrumental Jazz show this Wednesday, I could not resist the offer given that “woodshedding” started as jazz term is seemed fitting we should have a funky/fusion jazz band. Should be a good one. I only know Rod Franco and know he is a great guitar player. If […]


Chris Compton & The Ruby Brunettes [ccrb2012-12-13]

Chris Compton and the Ruby Brunettes play a form of music loosely called Baroque folk-pop; an unassuming strain of emotionally unsettling lounge music for lost souls, lone wolves and the disenchanted, with an emphasis on narrative in the lyrics and ornamentation in the melody. The absence of any rhythm section (no bass or drums) allows […]


Tom Hall & The Plowboys [thpb2013-01-19]

The Woodshed is excited and honored to host an evening like none other this Saturday night, when the high energy New Orleans-esque sound of Tom Hall & the Plowboys joins forces with special guest “Rev” Jeff Mosier and his banjo for a ride that can only be described as “delicious sonic madness”. The Rev will […]